Woodys Wearrod Extender 3 9250 - 4In Carbide 7/16 Bar

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Woody's Extender Trail III Carbide Wearrods: * Top-Stock hardweld runner (no carbide) designed for extreme service * A full range of carbide wear rod choices for the casual trail rider to the serious rider with a heavily studded track and even for Snocross competition * Carbide types prevent the rear of higher horsepower performance machines from 'pushing' the front, especially on icy trails * Special Shur-Steer carbide designs for Polaris with E-Z Steer * Flat-Top host rods on all types for greater support between runner and ski * See separate descriptions for amount of center turning carbide, carbide wear pads and full-length hardweld filler for durability * All studs are long enough for ski skins * Rears are angle-cut for easier unloading and backing up * fastening nuts included * For enhanced trail cornering and safer handling on ice * 4 in. of 60 turning carbide; 1 1/2 in. carbide wear pads for extended life * Full-length hardweld between carbide inserts * 7/16 in. host bar, 5/16 in. studs are extra-long for easy ski skin mounting