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Schuberth C4 Pro Helmt Merak Yellow


The SCHUBERTH C4 PRO is the new benchmark for the most demanding tourers and racers. It combines cutting-edge technologies with top-grade quality: The helmet with a compact shape that Barely resembles a flip-up helmet. The new interior fittings and optimised acoustics make the SCHUBERTH C4 PRO an extremely comfortable flip-up helmet. No wobbling, low noise level no matter what the speed. Compatible with the invisible SC1 communication system.

  • Striving for perfection - Only 85 db(A) at 100km/h on a naked bike
  • Plug & play communication system - Loudspeaker, microphone, and antenna for the SC1 communication system are pre-installed as standard
  • Extra-large visor with pre-installed Pinlock® 120 anti-fog lens - Wide field of vision in any riding position
  • Light and comfortable - Optimized acoustics and fit