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SIDI Vertigo Boots Black

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Retail price $275.00
Bob's Price $249.99
  • Sidi has added a small elastic panel to aid in a smooth zipper operation as it allows a bit of movement via the elastic as the zipper passes over the riders ankle ball.
  • On the outer lower part of the boot an air intake is fitted which can be operated by an aerodynamic shaped button.
  • The slider is replaceable and available in fully nylon, or one with ceramic or one with aluminium inserts.
  • A polyurethane shell holds a shock absorbing insert, visible from the outside through small slits that mark out the look of the heel. The shell is mobile as it is fixed to the boot by 2 screws that allow 3 mm of impact movement
  • The leg portion, in polyurethane, is fitted with the TECNO VR closing system patented by Sidi, to provide adjustments via a nylon thread passing through two lateral holes. Pull on the thread to wrap the boot symmetrically and snugly around the calf.
11.5: 032-13-8251
12.5: 032-14-8251