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Spectro Golden 4 Heavy Duty Motorcycle Engine Oil 20w50 Semi-Synthetic Blend

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Exceeds Harley warranty requirements including the HD 360 standard as well as petroleum industry standards A.P.I SF, SG, and SH (A.P.I. CF-4 & CG-4 approved) -Available in S.A.E. 20w 50 -Highest shear stability index -Out-performs conventional premium Harley HD 360 oils

Golden American 4 is a premium synthetic/petroleum blend engine lubricant with the advantage of the latest advances in synthetic lubricant technology, now known as Spectra-Syn. This part-synthetic blend incorporates the highest shear stable viscosity index improvers to withstand the shearing environment of gear driven cams and hydraulic valve lifters; then, is further enhanced with additional anti-wear additives to achieve a long-service lubricant capable of running the full 5,00 mile service in all Harley engines without falling out of the 20w 50 grade specification or compromising wear and oxidation protection.

Applications For use in all Harley engines made after 1984. This is the ideal choice where longer distances will be traveled or higher load conditions will be encountered. For pre-Evolution engines, we recommend Spectro Heavy Duty Lubricants. Harley, Harley-Davidson, Evolution, Sportster are all registered trademarks of Harley-Davidson Motor Co. Inc. Golden American Lubricants are not affiliated in any way with Harley Davidson Inc.