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Plexus Plastic Cleaner - 13oz Aerosol

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This plastic polish is used by NASA and the Air Force. In fact, it's mandated for use on the B1B Stealth Bomber to clean, polish and protect the canopy. That's a $300,000.00 canopy! This is serious stuff and it's so easy to use. Just spray it on any clear or colored plastic surface and wipe with a clean cloth. Plexus Plastic Cleaner penetrates and lifts even the most difficult stain without damaging the fragile surface of the plastic. Plexus is anti-static. It repels the dust and dirt normally attracted to plastic. Plexus also leaves an invisible, micro-thin layer of protectant, sealing the porus surface, making it more resistant to dirt, dust and other contaminants. Regular use will help prevent hazing, yellowing and oxidation which diminishes the plastic's luster, strength and appearance. You'll also love how water beads and slides right off your vehicle when it rains! Use Plexus on convertible windows, bug guards, window tint films, fiberglass boats & RV's, big screen TV's, LCD computer screens, helmets, goggles and fairings. It will amaze you.