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Fog City Light Sensitive Helmet Shield Insert Blue - (Does Not Fit Arai)

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  • Fog City faceshield inserts are designed to fit most full-face helmets. They are available in two versions, the ProShield and the Hyper Optiks.
  • Both versions work by creating a sealed "air pocket" between the face shield and the Fog City film. This air pocket insulates the film, so that it won't fog over. I've ridden with Fog City inserts for years, and they really work.
  • The ProShield fits snugly onto the inside of your helmet's face shield. The Clear shield is ideal for day or night use. The Smoke shield adds a tint for light and UV filtration, so it should be used only during the day. The Amber filters 98% of UV light and improves contrast in hazy weather.
  • The Hyper Optiks shields performs the same functions as the ProShield, but they also have a photochromatic film that darkens automatically in bright light. This is the perfect solution for cold, bright winter mornings.
  • We don't recommend that you ride all the time with a Fog City in place, as it will slightly distort your vision, but it's well worth having one attached to a spare shield so that you can switch it onto the helmet for cold or rainy weather