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HUB Inversion Heads Up Braking System

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  • Easy Install: Installed via "Hardwired" for full feature benefits, or "Batteries Only".
  • Simple four wire installation
  • Kelatronic™ (KEL™) System: Highly engineered & sophisticated system that senses deceleration (without applying the brakes) and activates the LEDs.
  • Dual Mode Function: (only on hardwired installation): Integrates your vehicle's brake light with the KEL™System to sense deceleration and activate light.
  • Ultra Bright LED Helmet Light: Equipped with automatic Night-time dimming feature - The brighter the day, the brighter the LEDs.
  • Self-Check System: Lets you know every time you start-up that your HUB System™ is ready to go.
  • Instant-On Emergency Flasher: Every time you turn your vehicle off, the LEDs flash until you turn vehicle back on. This is an important safety feature when stopped along a road.
  • Proximity Automatic Hazard Lighting (PAHL™) System: Senses when you walk away from your vehicle (7-15 ft) and flashes. This is also your "flameless" flare. Your receiver can be removed from helmet and placed on the ground to warn others.
  • Trailer Mode: (only on hardwired installation): When trailering your vehicle, the vehicle lights become your trailer's 3rd brake light.
  • Sleep Mode: Designed to conserve battery life. If receiver does not receive signal for 10 minutes it goes to sleep. Any deceleration will wake it back up immediately.
  • Receiver: Works on 2 AAA batteries (extra long life)
  • Transmitter: Works with or without (hardwired) 2 AA batteries.
  • Independent Frequency Operation: Other signals will not interfere with operation of unit.
  • Low battery warning: Will alert you when battery life is low - however the unit will still operate properly for some time.
  • Designed to function in water: Hopefully you will never need this, but just know it's engineered with this feature for your ultimate safety.