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Spectro Platinum SX2 32:1 Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil 16oz

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Spectro SX 100% Racing Synthetic is the ultimate two-cycle lubricant formulated specifically for use in modern two-cycle moto-cross motorcycles equipped with exhaust power valves requiring a 32:1 pre-mixed fuel-to-oil mixture. A fully synthetic formulation with breakthrough additive technology (polybutenes, borated polyisobutenyl succinic anhydride nitrogen functionalized dispersant, mixed calcium alkylaryl detergent) combines to provide virtually smokeless operation and residue-free engine cleanliness. No oil anywhere burns cleaner than a JASO FC + ISO-EGD PLUS certified oil when mixed at a 32:1 ratio!

Application: Spectro SX 100% Racing Synthetic is formulated specifically for use in all modern, two-cycle moto-cross machines (KX, CR, SX, RM and YZ models) especially for any type of indoor event.

  • CAN-AM/BRP XPS Premix Oil
  • GASGAS Spectro Platinum Full Synthetic SX2 32:1
  • Honda HP2 Synthetic Racing Oil (32:1)
  • KTM Cross Power 2T