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509 Aviator Snow Goggles Black Ops Polarized

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  • Rimless frame design with 17 vent ports
  • Industry leading large, over-sized spherical snow lens
  • Large 2" strap with triple silicone grip lining
  • Triple layer over-sized, moisture wicking face foam
  • Large over-sized removable nose mask
  • Soft Cleaning/Storage Pouch
  • Helmet Compatible
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Aviator snow goggle from 509 features a design inspired by the face shield of a jet fighter pilot. This unique styling brought from the aviation industry, provides not only a futuristic appearance, but more importantly performs even better in even the harshest winter conditions. The Aviator is engineered using a 'rimless' frame design. This sleek design minimizes the amount of goggle frame in your field of vision. By reducing the thickness of the frame 509 was able to use a much larger spherical lens without increasing the overall footprint of the goggle. This maximizes the goggles lens to frame size ratio, providing industry leading peripheral vision. The problem with traditional goggles is they tend to restrict your vision. 509 addressed this concern head on and focused on designing a snowmobile specific goggle around the absolute largest lens possible. The result is an unprecedented clear view, never before provided in a snow goggle.


509 has worked closely with the world leader in military & medical anti-fog hard coatings to develop a proprietary, goggle specific, anti-fog technology. This 509 exclusive, FOG FREE lens treatment was derived from a recent breakthrough in military & medical anti-fog treatment technology that was released in just the last 6 months. Through our close alliance with the world leader in anti-fog technologies, 509 was able to develop a snow goggle specific, proprietary version of this exciting new anti-fog technology. 509 is very proud to be the first goggle company to release this industry leading FOG FREE goggle treatment. The 509 FOG FREE coatings are permanent. This means the anti-fog performance will be the same on the last day of the season, as it was fresh out of the box. This hand applied and heat cured coating, creates a permanent bond with the inside of the goggle lens.

The chin curtain is installed in the lower chin area of the helmet (in seconds). This mesh chin curtain prevents unwanted snow and wind from entering from underneath your helmet.