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Ortovox Avalanche Transceiver 3+

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  • Utilizes the latest in transceiver technology
  • The 3+ beacon is a 3 antenna device which, for the first time, can add to your own safety
  • Now includes RECCO® Advanced Rescue Technology
  • RECCO® features a reflector inside the transceiver which helps rescuers find the victim quicker and easier
  • Used by over 700 ski areas and rescue teams around the world
  • The intelligent position recognition analyzes the position of the antennas and automatically switches to the most optimal transmission antenna
  • The circular display guides you to concentrate on the most important things: the distance to and the relative position of the buried victim
  • The patented representation as a circle shows you at a glance if you are getting closer to the signal or moving away
  • The 3+ allows you to maintain an overview with multiple burials. The number of victims is displayed and as soon as you have found the first burial, you can blend out their signal with the flag key. The victim is displayed as flagged and you can continue
  • Fully updatable, product development is an ongoing process, to ensure you benefit from the latest in avalanche searching technology, Ortovox has made the 3+ fully upgradeable so you will always have the most up-to-date transceiver