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Slick Products Off-Road Wash Concentrate 32 oz

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Slick Products Off-Road Wash cleaning solution is designed for exterior use on ATV's, dirt bikes, off-road trucks, and more. Specially formulated to quickly penetrate heavy dirt and mud without stripping lubrication from bearings or pivot points. Safely applies to aluminum, anodized parts, plastic, rubber, and more without etching, fading, or discoloring surfaces. Just add water. Makes up to 8 Gallons per bottle.

You won’t find a better way to wash your off-road vehicles. Slick Products Off-Road Wash Kit is a simple 3-step process designed to quickly clean heavy dirt mud, target grime, and leave a protective coating that will prevent mud build-up and make cleaning easier on your next wash!

Watch the video to see how the products in this kit will provide you with a faster, safer, and easier way to maintain the life, look, and value of all your vehicles.

How to mix your concentrated wash:

We recommend properly mixing our concentrated washes prior to use by using the charts listed below as a starting point for reference. Results may vary depending on the pressure of your water source and recommended to adjust the soap to water ratio to achieve your desired result.

  • Standard dilution: 4 oz. Per Gallon of Water
  • Hand Pump Foam Sprayer: 1 oz. Add Water To Fill Line (16 oz)
  • Garden Hose Foam Gun: 2-4 oz. Add Water To Fill Line (28-30 oz.)
  • Pressure Washer Foam Cannon: 2-4 oz. Add Water To Fill Line (28-30 oz.)