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Ride-Hard Ride-Smart Book - Patrick Hahn

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Ride Hard Ride Smart Book: Ride Hard Ride Smart reads something like a Proficient Motorcycling knock-off, but like all of the books of this genre, there are some useful nuggets that aren't covered in other motorcycling skills books, and they are explained differently than some of the others.

Can you read too many books about improving your motorcycling skills? I don't think so, because although there may not be more to learn, there are always different ways of describing methods and strategies. Everyone has a different way of absorbing information and putting it to use, so it pays to read many descriptions and you may find one that immediately resonates with you in a way that helps to improve your skills.

Pat Hahn takes a nice, measured, friendly approach to the basics, and he uses a different style that makes the book easy to read. Some of the advice is based on Hahn's real-world experience and some of it is unconventional, but it all makes sense and it's obvious that he's been thinking a long time about motorcycle riding strategies.

Much of the book revolves around street strategies and risk management. My feeling is that too many riders don't think about what they're doing, don't have the Zen-like focus necessary to become safe riders, and don't bother to question their abilities. Unfortunately, those types will probably never read a book like this or any other that might help them become better riders.

Hahn also explains the famous Hurt study and goes into a lot of detail in Chapter 2 on translating the study's findings into strategies for safer riding.

Lots of good photos and charts illustrate Hahn's points and enhance the descriptions. I'll bet that even experienced riders will learn something from this book. I'd put it right up there with David Hough's Proficient Motorcycling (still my favorite) and Nick Ienatsch's Sport Riding Techniques as three "must have" books on motorcycle riding skills