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Fox Racing Instinct Boot Black

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  • The Instinct's patented buckle lever design delivers easy to use, smooth operation. It works perfectly ride after ride, so you'll never need to use your fist as a mallet. Perhaps the smartest thing Instinct does is react. The floating ball-and-socket design allows the buckle to float and pivot, so it never binds or creates pressure points.
  • From the first moment you step into it, Instinct delivers comfort and freedom to move, enabling the rider to put everything into handling the machine. Technical materials and a cutting-edge hinge design provide a controlled range of motion, allowing effortless mobility where you want it, while providing incredible support when you need it.
  • INTERFACE IS ESSENTIAL. Racers are pushing physical limits, creating a demand for improved body-to-bike connection. The Instinct boot employs new design concepts geared toward joining you with your machine. LOWRIDE™ technology lowers your foot down in the boot and closer to the footpeg for better feel and a lower center of gravity. Fox's proprietary DURATAC™ rubber covers the inside and provides unprecedented grip.
  • Insole: The athletic footbed acts as the first stage in the progressive cushioning and is similar to that in a running shoe
  • Shank: Imbedded in the Ployurethane midsole, the patented steel shank design is perfectly positioned to provide arch support while allowing the front of the boot to flex for bike interface and walking comfort
  • Midsole: The polyurethane midsole offers amazing energy absorption while maintaining its form with incredible durability characteristics
  • Stabilizer: The TPU Stabilizer provides heel and arch support, allowing the use of soft materials to absorb impact forces and maintain stability at the same time
  • Outsole: Features Fox's exclusive Duratac™ rubber compound disperses vibrations from the bike, provides amazing grip, and delivers durability backed by a lifetime guarantee