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MX Freestyle 2 Book - Air Sickness

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Freestyle Motocross 2 Book:(Instructional) "Warning - Freestyle motocross is an extremely dangerous and sometimes fatal sport. All the riders pictured in this book are professionals using proper protective gear under controlled conditions. This book should not and does not serve as an instructional manual, but is an explanation of how riders perform insane freestyle motocross moves. Attempting to duplicate any of the maneuvers may be hazardous and/or fatal and is not recommended. Readers are cautioned that individual abilities, motorcycles, terrain, jumps, and riding conditions differ, and due to these unlimited factors beyond the control of the authors and riders quoted in this book, liability is expressly disclaimed. Do not attempt any maneuvers, stunts, or techniques that are beyond your capabilities"......so it says here..Full colour work on the Freestyle MX scene, step by step photos of tricks such as the Hart Attack, Nac-Nac, Superman, Cordova & more. Softcover, 128 pages