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Motorex Racing Chain Lube

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Revolutionary new fully synthetic formula protects against chain and sprocket wear. Clearer and strengthened with Teflon R, a special chain lubricant with extreme adherence properties, especially on X-ring and O-ring motorcycle chains. Provides optimum chain life. Extremely resistant to fling-off and is waterproof and stable in high temperatures.

Segment: Street
Category: Lube
Type: Chain
Specifications: Designed for high speed road use.
Size: 500ml


"We don't have a staff of mechanics here at the Rich Oliver's Mystery School so I do all the oil changes, filter cleanings, bike washings, and chain and sprocket maintenance on our 30 unit Yamaha fleet.
Since switching to Motorex Lubricants, I have noticed a marked reduction in the amount of maintenance performed that I have to do on each bike, and a huge savings in my time and effort per year.
As an example, I usually go through three chains and three sets of sprockets per bike per year, but now the same bike used the same amount of hours goes through just one!  That's right, I get a whole year out of one chain and sprockets, using the Motorex Chainlube Racing product.
Same thing with oil changes, using Cross Power 4T, changing oil once a month has gone to once every three months.  Air filter cleanings and re-oiling are faster, with Motorex Air Filter cleaner and oil spray, and the filter catches more dirt than before.  Bike pressure washing with MotoClean soap is done in half the time with a better end result.
Having a gleaming and well maintained fleet of training motorcycles is a Mystery School high standard that we must uphold for our students, and with Motorex I can get great results with extended engine and chassis lifespan, for reliable and strong performing bikes class after class."
"Motorex gives me peace of mind and keeps my school running great!"
Rich Oliver,Rich Oliver's Mystery School

Designed for high speed road use.

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