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Icon Hypersport2 Leather Jacket Black

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Retail price $425.00
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Precision at speed: the Hypersport2 jacket is the upper echelon of the ICON line. A stylish blend of 1.1-1.3mm TrackSpecTM leather and textile chassis, coupled with ICON’s Attack Fit, creates a jacket built for velocity. Full D3O® impact protector package (elbow, shoulder, back), and the accordion leather flex zones allow for a jacket that contours to your body straight off the rack. The deep chest pockets that double as chest vents, retro-reflective hits, and padded microfleece comfort liner collar are just a few of the rider-centric details you’ll find. For the throttle jockey, we’ve added an internal waist zipper that connects to the Hypersport2 pant, perfect for when you want to go to the track and wind it out.

  • Fit: Icon attack fit.
  • Material: 1.1-1.3mm TrackSpec™ leather chassis.
  • Protectors: D3O® impact protectors - Shoulders, elbows, back.
  • Features: Integrated Flex Zones, Dual-purpose Chest Vent/Pocket, Reflective Screenprints, Microfleece Comfort Liner Collar, Waist Zipper for attaching Hypersport 2 Pant (sold separately)
56: 2810-3470