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HJC V 90 Helmet Black

HJC is taking inspiration from a different era with the V90, a retro-style modular helmet, to introduce the new ‘Vintage’ line. on one hand, the V90 is revolutionary for a modular helmet with its unique design, but on the other, it still showcases a classic look.
The low-profile, exclusive fiberglass shell sports an old-school bubble shield that will always have you riding in style. The V90 is Bluetooth compatible with SMART HJC.

Smart HJC

  • SMART HJC 20B and 10B Bluetooth communication system co-developed with SENA tailored specially for HJC helmets. SMART HJC can be installed on HJC's various models and due to the compact size and aerodynamic design of the Bluetooth unit, it enhances the overall look and aerodynamic design of the shell. *All SMART HJC devices sold separately.


  • Meets or exceeds DOT FMVSS 218/ECE 22.05 approved.
  • Testing includes energy attenuation, penetration resistance, chin strap structural integrity and labeling requirements for on-road motorcycle helmets


  • The Exclusive Fiberglass Composite Shell is designed to be lightweight with a superior fit and comfort, using CAD technology.

Shield: XD-18

  • All HJC shields offer 95% UV-A & B protection
  • Anti Fog Coated Bubble Shield

Sun Visor: IS-08

  • Integrated Sun Visor: Improved peripheral vision and excellent sunlight blocking help to reduce eye strain. Anti-Fog and Anti-Scratch coated.


  • Moisture-wicking interior with advanced anti-bacterial fabric.
  • Removable Interior
  • Glasses grooves: Accommodates riders who wear eyeglasses and sunglasses.


  • The warranty is applicable to manufacturers defects for ups to 3 years from the date or purchase or 5 years from the date of manufacturing. (whichever comes first)