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Gaerne SG-12 Enduro Boots Black/Black

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Quality. Comfort. Pride. Choices create champions, but support is what keeps them at the top, which is why the SG-12 Enduro Boot is the choice for riders who aspire to rise above the competition. From box to bike within minimal break-in, these boots are made in Italy by practiced hands that step-by-step layer support, security and comfort into each boot. Offering a streamlined toe box for precision control, a dual-stage pivot system for more aggressive riders, an anti-shock composite sole for better connection to the pegs, slimline inner grip guard panels for better control and grip of the bike, foam interior for a customized fit, and an adjustable shin plate for more room around the calves, the SG-12 Enduro lets a rider focus less on gear and more on the ride.

  • Streamlined toe box
  • Dual-stage pivot system
  • Anti-shock composite sole
  • Slimlined inner grip guard panels.
  • Memory foam interior
  • Adjustable shin plate
  • Easy on-and-off buckle system.
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