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Which Motorcycle Gear Should You Put on Your Holiday Wish List?

If you're getting into motorcycle riding for the first time, you’ve probably started to realize how much gear you need. But choosing the right gear isn’t just about looking cool. Whether you're riding on the street or off-road, going without the necessary gear can seriously compromise your safety.
With the holidays coming up, it's time to put the following motorcycle gear on your wish list.

1. Boots
If you're not wearing sturdy boots, you put your feet, legs, and ankles at serious injury risk in a crash. To reduce impact on your feet, high-quality boots have strong soles along with heel and toe boxes. Boots give you enough support to keep your body and motorcycle stable, especially while you drive on uneven surfaces.
Your regular shoes might come off in a crash, leaving your feet completely unprotected. Boots fasten above the ankle so they won’t fly off no matter what.
Additional features to look for in your new boots include a weather-proof exterior, a shin guard feature, or an ankle protection system.

2. Gloves
Motorcycle gloves aren't just for keeping your hands warm, although they certainly help with that. If you get in a crash, you'll probably throw your hands out to protect yourself. Without gloves, that could lead to broken bones or lost fingers.
Look for motorcycle gloves that completely cover your hands, wrists, and fingers. Make sure they have a retention strap at the wrist, which prevents them from falling off in a crash. They should also come with knuckle protectors to shield against knuckle injury.

3. Helmet
Helmets are so crucial to preventing brain injuries that they are legally required in many states. The best choice is a full-face helmet, which can prevent serious injuries to your face as well as your head.
If you're not sure about the right helmet for you, check out our previous blog about helmets.

4. Eyewear
If you've ever had a bug fly in your eye while you were riding a bicycle, you certainly don't want to repeat that experience riding at high speeds in a motorcycle.
That's why you need goggles or motorcycle sunglasses. Your eyewear should protect your eyesight with UV protection. It should also withstand impact with shatter-proof lenses.

5. Jacket
You might think you don't need a motorcycle jacket when temperatures are warm. However, a jacket is important for any type of weather. Motorcycle jackets are built to protect your body parts and skin from impact.
Jackets should include body armor to cushion your shoulders, back, and elbows as well as multiple seams to protect the stitching. Some jackets are even built to protect your chest. Make sure your jacket has a snug fit. If you're planning to ride at night, consider a jacket with reflective detailing.
If you want additional protection for your chest and back, consider a protective vest or back protector, which can fit under your jacket.

6. Pants
Just as you need a jacket to protect your upper body, you need pants to protect your lower body. Unlike denim jeans, leather or textile riding pants are made from tough, protective materials. They also have built-in armor to protect your legs, hips, knees, and shins in a crash.
Choose waterproof pants that resist damage from rain or sweat. Some motorcycle pants zip directly to your jacket so that every part of your body is protected. If you prefer, you could also put a full motorcycle suit on your wish list.
If you're set on wearing your regular pants while you ride, you could go for chaps, which zip on over your jeans.

7. Rain Wear
If you plan to ride in rainy conditions, you'll need a rain suit or a rain jacket. The advantage to rain suits is that they cover your entire body. They might also include shoe straps to prevent the pants from blowing up in the wind.

8. Advanced Protection
If you're going to ride at high speeds or in competition settings, a neck brace can save your life. It stabilizes your neck in a crash, protecting it from injury. You can fit it directly over your head and adjust it to fit your height.
In a similar fashion, knee braces can also protect your knees in the event of a crash.

9. Socks
While socks aren't as crucial as helmets or boots, they can enhance your comfort on your ride. Motorcycle socks are designed to protect you against blisters. They're also ventilated to keep your feet cool.

10. Bandanas and Head Wraps
If you already have the protective gear you need, add a bandana to your wish list. Bandanas absorb sweat to keep you cool and comfortable.  And, most importantly, they look awesome.
Your motorcycle gear should protect you from injury and keep you warm and comfortable. But you should also put gear on your wish list that fits your personal style. Count on Bob's Cycle Supply for a wide selection of top motorcycle gear.