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Strategies For Staying Safe On Any Motorcycle Ride

Strategies For Staying Safe On Any Motorcycle Ride

Riding a motorcycle is one of the great joys in life. Motorcyclists understand the way getting on a great bike can give you a sense of freedom and adventure in a way nothing else can. With this fun privilege comes great responsibility to make each ride as safe as possible. Consider these strategies for staying safe on all your future rides.

Wear Your Helmet Always No Matter What

Wearing a helmet while riding your motorcycle can save you from catastrophic injuries and even death if an accident occurs. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, helmet use can prevent hundreds of motorcyclist deaths each year. Make a habit of putting on your helmet every single time you get on your bike.

Getting a helmet you really love can make this an easy habit to acquire. So many choices are available. Make sure you buy a helmet that has the features. If the helmet is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, it will be much more fun to wear every time you ride. Also, be sure to replace your helmet after five years or after a crash or other damage occurs.

Invest In Other Safety Gear

While a helmet is the basic place to start with motorcycle safety, take the time to carefully select other safety gear. You need to make smart choices to protect yourself from head to toe. Biker boots help you ride in comfort while also protecting your feet, ankles, and lower leg.

Next, get the right pants or chaps. A motorcycle jacket or vest is also a necessary part of your riding ensemble. Also, don't stop with the helmet when protecting your head while riding. Also get protecting eyewear. If you wear glasses, you can get prescription-ready protective eyewear.

That leaves your hands exposed, so be sure to wear motorcycle gloves. Your hands are an important part of your ability to ride at all. If your hand is injured, you should probably never get on the bike to start with. Wearing gloves can go a long way to preventing those injuries that could leave you off your bike for a long time. Gloves ensure a better grip and prevent numbness while riding.

Always Assume Drivers Can't See You

With distracted driving such a continued problem on the road, you never know what will happen. Protect yourself by assuming that car and truck drivers have not spotted you. A driver's vision is limited, and they may not have seen you coming, especially if you go fast.

At the same time, try to increase how noticeable you are. Wear high-visibility clothing in bright colors that will reflect light. Also, always turn on your lights at night or if you have any kind of bad weather or reduced visibility.

Take a Taxi or Uber After Drinking

Never get on your motorcycle if you’ve drunk alcohol. Forbes reported that around 25 percent of U.S. motorcyclists in fatal car crashes have blood alcohol levels above the legal limit. It's not worth the risk. Take a taxi or use a ridesharing app to get a ride if you aren't sure whether you had too much to drink. As another option, only go out drinking with a designated driver.

Leave the motorcycle at home if you decide to have a drink. If you do ride your motorcycle to a bar or event where you know alcohol beverages will be tempting, be sure to only park your bike in a place where you'd feel safe leaving it overnight. You may have to get a ride and retrieve the motorcycle in the morning, so make sure you won't have to worry about it.

Know When to Stay Home

Sometimes the best option for riding is to not go. For example, getting on your bike for a ride in inclement weather is almost never a good idea. Heavy rain can cause a variety of increased dangers for anyone on the road but is especially dangerous for motorcyclists.

You have a risk of hydroplaning because of the water between the road and your tires. Also, you may be less visible to distracted drivers of cars and trucks who are nervous about the weather. You may have decreased visibility yourself.

If you have decided to risk driving in the rain, go slowly. Don't panic and break too quickly though. On the other hand, you also shouldn't accelerate rapidly. Never risk taking on a lot of speed. If you can't see the road, turn around or pull over right away. Also, stay away from downed power lines even if they don't seem to be live.

Staying safe when motorcycle riding can be liberating. It frees you up to enjoy the experience to the fullest without worrying about increased, preventable dangers. Check out the selection of helmets and other safety gear for you and your motorcycle at Bob's Cycle Supply.

April 2, 2019