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Snowmobiler? Don't Miss Out on These 7 Places

Icy breeze. Pristine snow. Gorgeous views. These are the things you hope to find when you take a day-or week-off to ride your snowmobile. You live for the winter, whether you're an adrenaline junkie seeking thrills or just a casual rider looking to connect with nature.

In any case, you want to experience the most serene, jaw-dropping environments as you tread through the crunchy white powder. In this blog, we've compiled a list of seven unforgettable places to snowmobile, including top spots in the United States and nearby Canada.

After visiting these areas, you'll gain a whole new respect for the great outdoors as well as for the sport of snowmobiling itself.

1. Old Forge, NY

Situated in northern New York, Old Forge is a small haven with big, open snow. When you visit this picturesque retreat, you enjoy the best of the Adirondack Mountains-lakes, trees, ridges, and all. Old Forge is known for its long history of snowmobile-friendly terrain, comfortable facilities, and heavy winter snowfall.

The hundreds of miles of trails at Old Forge create a network of adventure in upstate New York and even near the Canadian border. It won't take you long to realize why the area has been called the "Snowmobile Capital of the East."

2. West Yellowstone, MT

You may be familiar with the charms of Yellowstone National Park, but you might not know the true adventure awaiting in West Yellowstone. This Montana mecca for snowmobiling usually boasts around 150 inches of yearly snowfall and exhilarating natural features, including untouched snow-covered pines.

West Yellowstone doubles as a great in-between point for further excursions to the nearby geysers of Yellowstone National Park and Montana's Big Sky Resort. You'll be hard-pressed to find purer snow in the whole western Rockies region.

3. Steamboat Springs, CO

If you enjoy a more challenging snowmobile ride, Steamboat Springs just might deliver the thrills and chills you seek. The internationally known resort here doesn't only host top-notch skiing-you'll find more than your fair share of winding snowmobile trails as well. Feel free to go on a group tour or embark on your own circuit.

If you choose to visit the resort, you'll be treated to comfortable wood cabin lodging and delicious gourmet meals-a perfect duo to complement your outdoor snowmobiling bravado.

4. Elliot Lake, Ontario

Not far north of Lake Huron, Elliot Lake is a comfortable and friendly city that also happens to feature attractive trails for snowmobiling. The hospitality of shop owners and locals is only matched by the variety of smooth, scenic snowmobile routes. Residents' love for winter sport and recreation will rub off on you and your family, allowing for a memorable outing.

If you're planning a marathon of snowmobiling, Elliot Lake is close to other attractive, snow-filled areas in Northern Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota.

5. Priest Lake, ID

When you need a place for reliable trails, tasty food, and winter-wonderland views, go to Priest Lake.
This Idaho Panhandle region enjoys a truly white winter, and you'll enjoy the offerings at the local Elkins Resort. Hundreds of trailheads abound in the untainted outdoors here, with some pathways starting right outside guests' cabins.

Priest Lake is also great for a variety of snowmobilers-newcomers to the sport can enjoy the flatlands while moderate-to-expert riders can travel up a few thousand feet into the mountains and enjoy breathtaking panoramas.

6. Pittsburg, NH

If your next trip takes you all the way to the northeast of the United States, don't overlook the snowmobiling attractions in Pittsburg, New Hampshire. Like other places on this list, Pittsburg is just a short distance from the Canadian border, and it offers extremely well-tended trails through wild forest.

Pittsburg will appeal to you if you enjoy a small-town feel and a tangible sense of snowmobile passion among other riders. If you're lucky, you may even spot unique wildlife in the area, including moose and eagles.

7. Heber City, UT

Nestled in the middle of a serene valley, Heber City offers access to the Wasatch Mountains of Utah, including resorts like Snowbird and Alta. But many people flock to Heber City in the winter for the extensive snowmobiling trails that connect to numerous scenic areas.

With easy access to snowmobile rentals, you can choose a guided tour to gain more understanding of the region, or you can go have fun on your own. Either way, you'll enjoy some of the best snow on Earth while getting the snowmobile fix you crave.


Above, we've listed just a handful of great places to snowmobile and take in the glories of wintertime nature. It's up to you to decide which locale will provide the most enjoyment. As you plan your dream snowmobiling vacation, don't forget to stock up on durable, reliable snowmobile gear.

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