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Headed to a Bike Rally? Outfit Yourself With New Motorcycle Boots

Headed to a Bike Rally? Outfit Yourself With New Motorcycle Boots

Headed to a Bike Rally? Outfit Yourself With New Motorcycle Boots

There's always a small, local motorcycle rally somewhere, but the biggest rallies in the nation are the destinations of riders' dreams. Packing for your first big rally fills you with excitement, but it may also fill you with a bit of apprehension. Which boots should you bring along for the ride?

Below are descriptions of four of the most famous bike rallies, along with descriptions of modern motorcycle boots that are great choices for people riding to each event.

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Boots

Sturgis is the Grand Poobah of all motorcycle events in the US. Up to 800,000 bikers and motorcycle aficionados show up for the races, rock and roll, and rowdiness. Take a group ride out to Mount Rushmore, or experience the beauty of the open road in the nearby Black Hills. You'll meet fun-loving and spirited people from all walks of life along the main strip in the tiny South Dakota town during this rally.

Since the rally is held in August, most leather motorcycle apparel is too stifling to make a practical fashion statement. But what is Sturgis without some leather? Solve the dilemma with good old fashioned harness boots in classic black leather. Square toes are a must for your toes and your reputation, and the leather straps help keep your boots snug and on your foot, even if you get mired in the mud.

The thick leather uppers don't show the scuff marks and hold up to shifter-pedal pressure. Choose a pair with steel toes and steel-reinforced heels for reliable foot protection. The hardware on your ankles looks road-wise and provides additional foot protection.

Daytona Bike Week Boots

Loyal motorcycle fans proved their affection for this 70-year-old rally during World War II, and it's been going ever since then. Although motorcycle officials cancelled the event in 1942 due to the war, riders showed up and partied anyway, inspiring what would soon become Daytona Bike Week.

Today, a half million bikers hang out for 10 days attending parties and motorcycle shows. The Beach Bandshell hosts free concerts, and there's even a drawing for a new motorcycle.

Choose street wear–style motorcycle boots for this March event. These sneaker-type lace-ups look like casual footwear, but most brands are manufactured in accordance with motorcycle safety regulations (if you don't count the lack of complete calf protection.)

The more casual look of this boot type allows you to easily transition from bike to bar to. Plus, you’ll only need one pair of boots all weekend since the contrasting soles look great with riding gear, jeans, or shorts.

You won’t sacrifice safety for comfort with these boots, though. Tough, anti-slip rubber soles on the bottoms of these boots help keep your toes on the foot rests. Choose a pair with a lacing system to secure the laces so they don't come loose while you ride. (Glow-in-the-dark laces are a fun, safety-conscious choice for Daytona.) You could also order motorcycle street shoes with reinforced toes and heels for maximum protection in case of a slide.

Myrtle Beach Bike Week(s) Boots

Head to the South Carolina coast to attend one or both motorcycle rallies held there in May. Myrtle Beach already hosts an entire Grand Strand of theme parks, golf courses, and resorts, so there's plenty to do for everyone. Cruising up and down the Strand and socializing is one of the best parts about this motorcycle event. Parties, races, and entertainment are the name of the game throughout both bike weeks.

Streamlined, brightly colored racing cycles are popular at Myrtle Beach, so bring shoes that flaunt your wild side. Racing boots and off-road boots in vibrant colors show off your bike and your style. Colors of racing boots are as varied as the hues of bikes at Myrtle Beach, with vivid accent shades from neon green to solid silver. Select lightweight, breathable boots to stay cooler in the hot Southern sun.

If you plan on racing, choose tall boots with replaceable parts like sole inserts and plastic sliders. Otherwise, look for colorful boots in low-top styles with flexible heels for street dancing and walking along the Atlantic Ocean.

Laconia Motorcycle Week Boots

Head north to New England for the oldest bike rally in the nation. While Sturgis, Daytona, and Myrtle Beach events are old enough to be in their swinging 70s, Laconia is fast approaching 100 years of rallies. Held on the shore of Lake Winnipesaukee in June, the rally hosts rides, races, and motorcycle exhibitions. Many of the town's roads are open to bikes only during the event.

Laconia is a more family-friendly event than other rallies. You're also in the middle of the beautiful New Hampshire mountains where hiking trails are all around you. This is the place to wear those brown motorcycle boots you feared might look out of place at other gatherings. They’ll fit in at the cabin and the memorial ride.

Brown motorcycle boots come in retro and hiking boot styles. A few versions resemble footwear you might see in a Star Wars movie, giving you that superhero image. Brown boots come in leather and synthetics, with all of the water-resistant and foot safety features you want in your riding gear.

No matter where your bike takes you, Bob's Cycle & Snowmobile Supply carries the motorcycle footwear you need to cover your feet in safety features and good looks. Order several pairs of motorcycle boots from our extensive collection to be fully prepared for all of the exhilarating motorcycle rallies in your future.

March 22, 2017