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Shifted Gears

  • How to Clean Your Motocross Equipment

    After a high-paced motocross race, you feel like you're on top of the world. But your clothing and boots look a little worse for wear—actually, they're caked with mud and dirt.

    Fortunately, cleaning your motocross equipment isn't a difficult process. Follow these steps to remove the mud and restore your boots, clothing, and goggles to their former state. Continue reading

  • 6 Essential Tips for Your First Motorcycle Ride This Spring

    Along with baby birds and flowers in bloom, motorcycle riders taking to the road is one of the first signs of spring. If you're a new rider or are just out of practice, spring may be the perfect season to get out your bike and on the road.

    However, spring motorcycle travel also comes with a set of challenges unique to the season. In this blog, we list six crucial guidelines to help you stay safe and comfortable on your first ride this spring and on many rides to come before summer arrives. Continue reading

  • New ATV Rider? Here's What You Need to Know

    You've always wanted your own ATV. Maybe you imagine bringing it on family camping trips or off-roading adventures. Maybe you want to use it for work around your home or farm. Or maybe you hope to learn new jumps and tricks or prepare for a competition.

    Whatever your reason for buying an ATV, you're excited about the prospect of owning a new vehicle. But before you actually take the plunge and buy an ATV, there are a few important things you should be aware of. Continue reading

  • Headed to a Bike Rally? Outfit Yourself With New Motorcycle Boots

    There's always a small, local motorcycle rally somewhere, but the biggest rallies in the nation are the destinations of riders' dreams. Packing for your first big rally fills you with excitement, but it may also fill you with a bit of apprehension. Which boots should you bring along for the ride?

    Below are descriptions of four of the most famous bike rallies, along with descriptions of modern motorcycle boots that are great choices for people riding to each event.

    Continue reading

  • Returning to Racing After an Injury

    You thought recovering from your motocross injury would take a long time. As it turns out, it's even harder to recover your mental game. You still carry emotional scars from your accident, and you worry about getting hurt again.

    Here's how to recover from your accident and jump back into racing.

    Continue reading

  • 9 Tips for Safe Snowmobiling

    There's something captivating about snowmobiling. You can ride out into the fresh, powdery snow and enjoy the blast of refreshing winter air on your face. It can be exhilarating, and you can enjoy the snowy scenery as you zip by.

    Continue reading

  • Snowmobiling This Winter? How to Fight the Cold

    Snow sports are the best part of winter, and snowmobiling is one of the best winter sports. As you get ready for the season, though, it's important to remember your own safety. During the long summer months, you can forget exactly how cold you might feel after a long day in the backcountry. Read below for a refresher course on how to stay warm and safe as you enjoy your snowmobile this winter.

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  • Which Motorcycle Gear Should You Put on Your Holiday Wish List?

    If you're getting into motorcycle riding for the first time, you’ve probably started to realize how much gear you need. But choosing the right gear isn’t just about looking cool. Whether you're riding on the street or off-road, going without the necessary gear can seriously compromise your safety.
    With the holidays coming up, it's time to put the following motorcycle gear on your wish list.
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  • Snowmobiler? Don't Miss Out on These 7 Places

    Icy breeze. Pristine snow. Gorgeous views. These are the things you hope to find when you take a day-or week-off to ride your snowmobile. You live for the winter, whether you're an adrenaline junkie seeking thrills or just a casual rider looking to connect with nature.

    In any case, you want to experience the most serene, jaw-dropping environments as you tread through the crunchy white powder. In this blog, we've compiled a list of seven unforgettable places to snowmobile, including top spots in the United States and nearby Canada.

    Continue reading

  • Fitness and Nutrition Tips for Motocross Racers

    The more you race, the more you realize that your success on the track depends on more than well-timed turns and careful maneuvering. Your preparation off the track can be just as important. If you're hoping to achieve the next level of racing success, try applying these fitness and nutrition tips specifically for motocross enthusiasts.

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